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- Investment Activities

Investment Strategy For Long Term Growth

ZF Holding has established a comprehensive investment plan that aligns with a unified long-term strategy. It involves operational investments across multiple industries and sectors, and the company’s investment method adheres to a conservative approach with long-term objectives. The plan is diversified globally and embraces various markets and scales. ZF Holding is known for its innovative approach, market acumen, and local representation, allowing it to adapt to changing market circumstances with flexibility and agility.

Sustainable Investing

ZF Holding is committed to sustainable investing, recognizing that economic prosperity and environmental and social responsibility go hand in hand. Our approach to sustainable investing includes:

ESG Integration: We consider Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors in our investment decisions.

Impact Investing: We seek investments that positively impact global challenges.

Sustainable Funds: We offer a range of sustainable funds to match your values and financial goals.

Engagement and Advocacy: We actively work with companies to promote responsible practices.

Active Management

ZF Holding sustains operational authority over its investments by retaining the bulk of shares, enabling the company to make prompt decisions and respond effectively to a constantly shifting market. Furthermore, the company benefits from its equity capital and collaborates with a wide-ranging group of investment partners to unite investors, utilizing the connections of its adept management.

Our company closely monitors long-term trends in its respective industries to identify emerging technologies that could positively impact its operations and development. The company remains proactive in seeking new opportunities and swiftly responds to emerging technologies that can enhance its investments.