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Building #114, 6th Touristic Zone, 6th Of October, Giza, Egypt

- History

A Leading Egyptian Holding Company with a Strong History of Accomplishments

In 2009, a collective of individuals with a vision united. They united in pursuit of a shared goal: founding an Egyptian holding company. This company could facilitate progress and generate value within a constantly evolving market. Drawing on their expertise in diverse fields, they recognized the potential. The potential for establishing a multifaceted range of thriving enterprises. These enterprises were capable of thriving in the future.

ZF Holding immediately demonstrated the distinctiveness of its endeavor. The founders’ consolidated experience and extensive industry insight facilitated the recognition of unexplored avenues for expansion. They also facilitated the acquisition of advanced technologies and systems. Additionally, they facilitated recruiting a team of skilled professionals driven by the same dedication to creating exceptional work.

Throughout the years, our Holding company has developed a portfolio of highly flourishing enterprises renowned for their ingenuity, quality, and dedication to customer satisfaction. Its businesses, which encompass a variety of fields, have earned clients‘ trust across and beyond Egypt. 

What sets our Holding company apart is its steadfast adherence to fundamental values. These values form the cornerstone of its operations and influence every aspect of its activities. This includes the environment it provides to employees and associates, as well as delivering first-rate solutions to its clients. Notably, these values are more than mere expressions. They are incorporated into the company’s ethos and operations.

As ZF Holding charts its course for the future, its attention remains concentrated on identifying fresh avenues for expansion. It is also focused on maximizing its mastery to produce benefits for its stakeholders. With a history of accomplishments and a group of highly competent experts impassioned by their work, the company is optimally placed to continue to thrive and extend its influence in the upcoming years.