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Building #114, 6th Touristic Zone, 6th Of October, Giza, Egypt

SKETCHURE Gains Valuable Insights at Dubai Design Week

In a strategic move to bolster its industry presence, SKETCHURE, a distinguished subsidiary under the ZF Holding umbrella, recently attended the esteemed Dubai Design Week. The event provided a meticulously curated platform for SKETCHURE’s team to immerse themselves in the latest design trends, fostering meaningful connections with industry leaders and peers.

While the primary focus was absorbing the diverse array of design perspectives rather than unveiling specific innovations, SKETCHURE’s attendance at the Dubai Design Week was a discerning and positive experience. The insightful exposure garnered during the event aligns seamlessly with SKETCHURE’s commitment to maintaining a pulse on the dynamic design landscape.

This strategic engagement underscores SKETCHURE’s proactive approach to industry engagement within the ZF Holding portfolio, reinforcing the company’s dedication to continuous learning, innovation, and the pursuit of excellence in design.